Why Language Play Activities at this Young Age?

  • To combine two essentials that children love and help them thrive – conversing with you and playing.
  • To get talking and engaging started, right from the get-go to build a strong relationship and a strong foundation for the future.
  • To help you integrate small, yet effective changes and tweaks in the way you communicate and interact to boost language and learning.
  • To give concrete pointers and tips on what and why something supports early language and learning. Not everyone is a natural when it comes to talking with little ones. Although many caregivers intuitively do the right thing, knowing why something benefits learning is important to integrating it more often.
  • To inspire you to go an ‘extra mile’ to fully engage in those early months and years. Going beyond the ‘normal’, necessary, get-the-job done conversations is important to best foster young children’s developing brains. It helps build more words, knowledge and self-confidence.

Talking while playing makes the time together more fun.

Our activities are a delicate dance
between you and your child:
One leads, the other responds and vice versa.
The better this dance, the better the learning.