Raising A Talker is about jumpstarting language and learning from birth to age 3 to create a solid foundation for the future.

It has over 50 easy and fun play activities that help your child build strong communication and language skills and boost learning all around.

Strong language skills in the first three years shape children’s later learning and lives, science tells us.

Raising A Talker turns conversations and play activities into memorable learning experiences that help build language, learning and the developing brain. It lets you connect with your child in many different ways and is both fun and educational.

Raising A Talker makes you a stronger partner for your child,  by communicating in new, more effective ways using science-based tips and strategies.


There’s a lot that parents and caregivers can do to help young children learn. Find out how simple actions like talking in Parentese and directly, one-on-one, modeling pointing, quickly responding to the child’s babbles, or reading in a dialogic way –improve learning and build a strong foundation.

Raising A Talker – On the Path to a Promising Future