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How to best connect with your baby?

Your baby is here and you probably can’t stop looking at her. You wonder what she knows about you, how much she sees, hears, how she feels your touch, and more. How can you best connect with your baby and make those first conversations count?

There are three building blocks that are critical nutrients for […]

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Benefits of Singing and Making Music with Infants and Toddlers.

Let me say this: I can’t hold a tune, nor play an instrument. Fortunately young children don’t care and they love my out-of-tune singing and rattle shaking.

Your enthusiasm and the child’s opportunities to participate and engage with you are what count and can make any song into a big hit.

What’s so special about singing […]

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Talking with Infants & Toddlers: A National Discussion and Public Health Issue

Have you noticed that more and more people talk about how important talking with infants and toddlers is?
In some states such as California this message is everywhere – on TV, on the radio, on bill boards, kids’ T-shirts, diapers and more. Why? To raise awareness that the conversations parents have with their children in […]

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Welcome to my Blog.

‘The early years are so important’. We hear that everywhere and it is true: Helping young children build a strong foundation early on is important. But what is ‘early’ and ‘how’ to best do so?

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Quick Tips To Jumpstart Learning