What Makes an Early Childhood Program Effective?


Early Childhood Program Effectiveness

Is your child going to a day care program? What programs work and benefit children’s development? Do we know what makes a program a ‘better’ program for young children to grow and thrive? With many children attending early childhood programs, the experiences provided at these programs are undoubtedly important.

Summarizing of what is known about four decades of program evaluation of early childhood programs, find out which programs are more likely to be effective and why. Check if factors that are effective (given in the box) , are met in the early care program your child attends. The pay-off of high quality programs are wide-spread and benefit the child, the family, as well as the economy.

Building on parents’ positive caregiving skills

Using Science to Coach Caregivers, CDC       

We know that promoting healthy, strong development in infants is important. But how to best do that? Watch a program that caught my attention since it works with the existing skills parents’ have and expands on those.

Scientists go into parents’ homes and film parent-child interactions during feeding, playing, etc., for about 10 minutes. They then edit those and focus on positive interactions between the parent and the child: A child serves – starts an interaction – and the parent picks it up in a supportive, positive way. Coaches work together with parents and zoom in only on those positive serve & return moments and explain why it is that they are working so well and strengthening their child’s brain development.