This is my first blog. It’s going to be about language and learning in young children – sometimes about school age children, and adults as well. It’s a daring adventure, and yes, I’m excited about it.

Looking back, it’s not surprising that my blog is about language and learning: As a 4-year-old I pretended to speak several languages. When entering school, I had my imaginary classroom where I was a very busy teacher. Then, I turned this early teaching passion of mine into reality and worked as a high school teacher, and later on became a child language researcher working with parents and their young children. Meanwhile, I’ve also been working as a language teacher figuring out ways on how to help young children and adults to learn a second language.

My blog will be about things relevant to language and learning. It will have facts, current topics and questions about language and learning, my experiences as a researcher and teacher, and lots more.

We talk with our kids, our pets, our colleagues at work. The fact is that we use words, day in, day out. While doing so, we barely ever think about what those words do for us.

Have you ever thought what your words do for you? What do they do for your infant, your toddler?
Do you think learning two languages from day one is a good thing for babies? How so?
Is more experience with language actually visible in our brains?
Do language skills built up in the early years affect children’s later learning, thinking, or even emotional abilities?
Is reading an e-book with your toddler as good as reading a print book?
What apps can help you learn a second language?
Does the way you praise a child affect his learning?
Can learning another language delay the onset of dementia?
Does your baby recognize your voice when she’s born?

If you’re interested in any of these questions, stay tuned. :)

My first ‘real’ blog post will be up in the near future.

Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.

– Benjamin L. Whorf