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Quality of words (not quantity) key to language development

One of the advice parents get to help their child to understand and talk, is to talk a lot. New research by Dr. Hirsh-Pasek at Temple University suggests that the sheer quantity of words may have been overrated.

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Babbling babies – responding to one-on-one ‘baby talk’ – master more words

Molly McElroy, January 6, 2014

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Latest science suggests that parents and caregivers can boost the toddlers’ language by doing a few simple things in the second year: 1. Talk in baby talk/Parentese. 2. Address the child directly, face-to-face. 3. Talk one-on-one with the child. 4. Narrate what’s happening – what you’re doing, […]

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Baby talk helps infants learn language faster

Learn what scientists at the University of Washington and the University of Connecticut discovered when comparing children who heard more baby talk than others in their first two years.

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Study: TV May Inhibit Babies’ Language

This article presents research by Dr. Dimitri Christakis, pediatrician, researcher and parent himself. He quantified the crippling effects TV watching has on the communication with young children. This is what he found.

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Baby Einsteins: Not So Smart After All

Babies like to watch baby videos but what do they learn? While baby videos have been popular for years, research suggests that they do not live up to their promises and actually hinder early word learning in toddlers just learning to understand and talk.

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How the Brain Benefits From Being Bilingual

Read about what science has found about multilingual brains and the many benefits knowing and regularly dealing with more than one language bring along. Learn about a school-immersion program in Utah where children are being schooled in two languages at the same time.

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A guide to raising bilingual children

Would you like to raise your child with two languages? Children are ready to learn two languages right from birth, as long as caregivers provide the ‘right’ kind of input. Learn what can help to raise a child bilingually in this brief guide.

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Vocabulary levels higher for bilingual children

Have you heard that bilingual children have disadvantages over a child who learns one language only? Or, that hearing two languages at a young age, confuses children and therefore babies are too young for learning two languages? All myths, and not true. Science shows the opposite!

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Bilingual babies not overburdened by demands of two languages

Learn more about what bilingual babies learn well before they understand and say their first words.

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Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort Out Language

Babies growing up with two language have to learn both languages at the same time. How do they start out? For a baby, it’s not obvious that what they hear from their caregivers is actually a mix of two languages.

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