Welcome to Raising A Talker: Talking More, Learning More
The place for information about language and learning in young children.

I started this website as a result of many years of studying young children, playing and talking with them, and having conversations with parents and caregivers.

I’m passionate about young children and their learning, and I’m particularly interested in how they learn to understand and talk.

At parties, I usually am the one entertaining young children, and I’ve had so many fun and engaging conversations with them over the years. Once I ended up talking for over an hour with a not even 4-year-old about what elephants should bring when they go backpacking: I learned a lot. Her ideas and thoughts made me smile and laugh, and I’m sure I’ve got the best advice for elephants on what to bring!

Conversations with little ones are so important: Your conversations build their language, knowledge and brains.

What will you find here?


At Raising a Talker: Talking More, Learning More you find information, discussion and inspiration for issues important in  language and learning in young children, especially infants and toddlers but also kindergarteners and older children. The focus is on communication and language, but you’ll also find lots about learning in general. Did you know that 6 month-old babies already have some idea about who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy? They play with a puppet that was helpful earlier and reject the mean one. Or, that how you praise your child makes a difference in his learning?

Or, that simple back-rubs or smiles every time a toddler babbles – for just 10 short  minutes- advance the way he babbles?

Young children are full of surprises, and they have many incredible talents they bring to the conversations with you. Here you’ll learn more about them.

The site  is for anyone who wants to  find out more about young children – how they learn to communicate and learn about their world. It is for those who want to make a difference and kickstart their child’s language and learning for a promising future ahead. It is for parents and caregivers, but also early childhood educators and speech language therapists who are interested in all things language and learning.

Here’s what you find

My inspirations and goals for the site are

1. To encourage you to have lots of conversations with infants and toddlers.

Conversations rich in words, questions, and back & forth exchanges help the child build a strong foundation for language and learning. A strong foundation early on matters. Toddlers with strong language skills have many advantages later in life. Talking and engaging early on means connecting, learning, and brain building.

2. To provide information and resources for parents, caregivers, and educators to boost language and learning.

You are not a by-stander when it comes to language and learning. You are a language and brain builder because your conversations and play shape the child’s learning in many ways. Smart Reports, communication tips, videos from experts in child language and learning, news articles, and books including my own ‘Raising A Talker: Easy Activities for Birth to 3’ are among the resources offered.

3. To provide ‘Parent Share’ – a platform where parents, caregivers, speech therapists, and others can share their experiences with their children through stories, videos, photos, play activities and more.