Dr. Renate Zangl, PhD

Renate Zangl holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psycholinguistics, and is the author of several books, including the most recent “Raising A Talker: Easy Activities for Birth to Age 3″ .

Some children call her Nate, some others Miss Nate, and those not talking yet, just put on a big smile for her.


As her work as a researcher, Dr. Renate Zangl has spent thousands of hours playing with and watching infants and toddlers  – how they move their eyes to the picture that is talked about, how their brains react when hearing baby talk, how they suck on pacifiers to hear more speech, how they engage in make-believe play and  pretend to make an omelet for breakfast, or how they play with language and tease their parent offering a mookie while holding out a cookie… . She  has seen different ways how caregivers engage with little ones. Dr. Zangl  thinks that talking in those early years is not enough –  it is  HOW caregivers talk and engage  with their eyes, words, and hands  that really counts –  something that her latest book is all about.

Dr. Zangl’s professional experience as a researcher (US: Stanford University, University of California San Diego,   Europe: Austria, Germany, France),   public speaker and language teacher allows her  to address key questions that are relevant in  language and learning. Engaging with young learners over years, she knows first-hand what they attend to and how much power conversations can have. Above all, Dr. Zangl is an enthusiastic believer that good conversations CAN make a difference – especially early on,  something that  science has shown very clearly and she has seen in action.

She’s a member of the Society for Research in Child Development and the National Association for the Education of Young Children. She has published numerous books and peer-reviewed articles on language learning (Journal of Cognition and Development, Language Learning and Development, …)  and presented her work at national and international conferences.

Raised in Austria, she has been living in the US since 1999. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling with her husband and playing with her dog. She has always been enthusiastic about languages, and pretended to speak  several when a little four-year-old. She is  fluent in English and German, a bit rusty in French and really hoping to learn Spanish any time soon.