How do babies learn best?

Babies learn best with YOU, the real, live YOU! YOU are simply the best!

YOU doesn’t mean mom only. YOU means dad, grandma, granddad, the babysitter, the day care teacher, and other caregivers: basically any caring person who directly addresses the child, is face to face with him, watches what he says and does, and gets excited, claps and praises his efforts. YOU is someone who is giving feedback and acknowledges what the baby just did – whether this was a smile, a babble, a swipe at the dangling mobile, or more.

Why are YOU the best?

YOU are so interesting to the baby because you interact. It’s your interaction, your back and forth exchange with the baby which is often referred to as ‘serve and return’ which is crucial for a baby’s healthy and strong development.

YOU are the best because babies just love people’s faces, especially those familiar to them. There’s no better ‘toy’ for them in the first few months than your voice and your face. Learning is best when you engage with the baby, talk, smile, read, point at the duck, … basically when you respond back and in doing so make the baby feel heard and seen.

What upsets the baby is if you do not respond to them. “ A lack of response is more upsetting to infants than physical separation from the mother or having her turn away to talk to someone else” (Aamondt, Wang: ‘Welcome to your Child’s Brain’). That shows how much babies crave attention from people. Babies want to be seen, heard and acknowledged, and they learn best with you because you can make all of these things happen by tuning in, and responding to them just when they need it the most.

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Learn how the back and forth exchange, the serve and return between you and the baby helps to build a sturdy, strong brain