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Talking, tuning in, and responding a little more, a little more consciously, and right from birth makes a difference. It gives young children meaningful benefits – early on, later in kindergarten, school and beyond.

Science is clear: More conversations, words, and back and forth exchanges with infants and toddlers give them a meaningful head start and help to build stronger, smarter brains.

More conversations and meaningful interactions mean more opportunities for infants and toddlers to learn and to build those skills necessary to do well in kindergarten and school. Babies learn through conversations with you.

Most children learn to understand and talk without much effort, and so parents and caregivers often think that they can’t do much. Not true! They can support and shape their child’s language and learning. In doing so, they invest in the child’s future.

How? Through lots of talking, responding and small and conscious tweaks in your daily interactions.

Talking, Tuning in, and Responding = Connecting, Learning, Brain Building

Support for Each Child: Talk and Engage from Birth.


“Everything children are going to learn, they are going to learn through their ability to understand language and to produce language.”

– J. Huttenlocher, Language scientist




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Science findings about language and learning, and what they mean for you and the child.  

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Science-based tips and strategies to maximize learning and boost communication.

Tuning In

Language and communication checklists allow you to tune in and observe where your baby is developmentally. 

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Did you know? Find out how much you know about language and learning through Q & A.

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Share videos, pictures and stories about your child, as well as communication & play activities you like .


About Dr. Renate Zangl

“It is my hope that you’ll be inspired by the site to see young children in a new way – a way that will make you reflect on how you talk and engage with them.”

Renate Zangl, PhD

A child language researcher, with a deep interest in how infants and toddlers learn to communicate, understand, and talk. With over 15 years of experience in the field, she has published books and articles, and worked at various research institutions in the US (Stanford University, UCSD) and Europe. She has also worked as a language teacher for many years, teaching English and German ranging from toddlers to retirees.

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Why we like it: Great for new parents to foster communication with their little ones. Clean and easy-to-follow layout. Activities are laid out to explain the skills fostered, goals, materials, and what to look for. This book provides a great resource for parents and can be used by educators as well.